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The Big Idea: When we know the effects of traumatic experiences, we can take the first step to helping families heal.

Traumatic Experiences: First Steps to Hope (Part 1)

Traumatic Experiences Archived Time: 30 mins to 1hr
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Nearly half of American children under 18 have had at least one type of adverse childhood experience. These experiences can cause physical, emotional, and psychological distress. In Part 1 of this webinar series, we’ll learn from social worker Rande Bynum, and Ann Thomas, LCSW and the President and CEO of The Children’s Place, about how to help families cope with and overcome these traumatic situations. They will discuss ways to practice simple, consistent, and positive behaviors, to help children and families move forward and achieve health, safety, and happiness.

Learning Goals:

  1. Understand the definition of trauma and its impact on young children and families
  2. Examine steps to healing after traumatic experiences and explore resources
  3. Look at next steps for parents and caregivers

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