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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: Use these resources to give caregiving families strategies and support.

Supporting Caregiving Families

Family Caregiving Time: 3-5 Hours
Family Caregiving Guide

Who's it for: Providers who work with military families and veterans.

Launch Interactive Guide

This series, which includes nine bundles of SSIC resources, aims to help providers support military and veteran caregiving families. The bundles are designed to be implemented as workshops with families and include helpful language, digital resources to share, and hands-on activities to bring concepts to life. Providers are invited to use the ideas and activities in ways that complement their work.

The information covered in these bundles:

  • Explains common conditions, injuries, and needs of caregiving families.
  • Gives strategies for caregivers to stay organized, express themselves, manage stress, and ask for help.
  • Encourages the whole family to share their story with pride.
  • Helps families celebrate the team they are!