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Sesame Street in Communities

Roads to Resilience

Time: 3-5 Hours

Who's it for: Providers

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There are many different ways to support the development of children and families. As we work towards a universal goal of helping to grow smarter, stronger, kinder kids, providers like you play an important role in making connections and sharing resources. The course Roads to Resilience highlights some of the best assets from topics across Sesame Street in Communities with customized approaches, tips and tricks on using these resources in your work with caregivers and their children. Curated for a wide array of providers, materials in this course include targeted activities to use in your work to build strong communities, working to meet the need of everyone in the family!


Course Goals:

Upon completion of this course, providers will be able to

  • Explore the unique ways to help providers understand the important role they play in children’s lives.
  • Communicate strategies that support children’s development and learning.
  • Determine specific topic areas of interest most needed to address children and families in their care, and
  • Identify opportunities to embed resources in their work