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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: Watch a provider in action.

Provider Portrait: Cynthia Galaviz

Parental Addiction Time: 10 min


Before watching the video, read what Cynthia Galaviz, a counselor at the Children’s Program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center, has to say:

As an adult who vividly recalls being a ‘voiceless’ child, I have come to realize my mission is to help empower children hurt by addiction to find their own voice. As a Children’s Counselor, I accompany a child, who for the first time, is about to share his feelings of guilt and shame towards his mother’s addiction. Sitting on the floor next to him, I admire his courage to be open and honest about the disease that has impacted his family. The best part is that mom is listening. In the Children’s Program, I’m able to be a beacon of hope for children impacted by addiction. They learn, they play, and they understand that their voices matter. By helping them find their voice, they in turn have helped make mine stronger.

Then, watch the video and consider how might you use the “bag of rocks” activity, or how you might you include art and writing in your work with children.