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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: Caregivers and kids can move, play, and learn together!

Move & Learn Together: Movement for Healthy Bodies

Archived Time: 30 mins to 1hr
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In this webinar, Rebecca Honig will help us to explore strategies for building body awareness and movement skills, and she’ll explain why these skills are so important to children’s learning and development. Kids are supposed to be active for at least 60 minutes each day. Rebecca will show us ways to make physical activity fun and engaging for both kids and grown-ups; and, we’ll see how aerobic activity during everyday can be filled with learning and discovery that will prepare kids for success in school and in life.

Learning Goals:

  1. Learn about why physical and aerobic activity is important to building kids’ muscles and minds.
  2. Practice fun aerobic activities that can easily be incorporated into your daily routines.
  3. Understand the developmental skills that can be built with each activity.

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