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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: We can all do our part to help our communities prepare for and recover from emergencies.

Handling Emergencies with Andrew Roszak

Archived Time: 30 mins to 1hr
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Andrew Roszak’s job is to make sure child care providers and families have the information and tools they need to develop emergency preparedness plans to keep children safe and care for them during disasters. In this webinar, he shares helpful strategies for developing and practicing emergency preparedness plans in child care and family child care facilities.

Learning Goals:

  1. To understand the different types of emergencies that exist
  2. To understand the various challenges that emergencies might cause for children and grown-ups
  3. To learn about the important things to include in emergency preparedness plans and how to practice them
  4. To be familiarized with resources that can be utilized for emergency preparation and planning

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