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Classroom Extensions, Tips, and More Resources

Classroom Extensions:

  • Find books that address feelings and share them to help kids further explore and discuss emotions.
  • Capture the moment! Take pictures of children as they pose during the “Call-and-Response” activity. Show each picture next to the corresponding Word Card in your Word Garden.


Family Engagement:

  • Share more stories, activities, and tips for practicing resilience at home. Encourage families to explore the Brave, Strong, Resilient Family Guide (also available in Spanish).
  • When children draw or color, have them take their work home. Encourage families to start conversations about the day’s topic.
  • Share the printables with parents along with ideas to use at home.
  • If you used a camera during the “Call-and-Response” activity, share the photos of children showing the feeling words. Suggest that families create their own “Feelings Album.”



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