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Week 8: Day 2

Children will learn the strategy, "Try, Try Again"


Ask, “What do we do when we have a problem?” Use the cards to review each step of “Breathe, Think, Do.”

Show the “Breathe, Think, Do” Chart and explain that you’ll use it to help Elmo with a problem.

  1. Explain the problem: When Elmo is getting ready for bed, he tries to button his pajamas by himself. He can’t get them buttoned and gets very frustrated. He wants to be able to button his pajamas all by himself!
  2. First, take three deep breaths together. Then point to the “Think” part of the chart and say “Let’s think! What’s Elmo’s problem?” Write or draw pictures of their responses on the chart.
  3. Then ask, “What’s the plan? How can Elmo fix the problem?” Write or draw pictures of their responses. (You can also suggest “Keep trying.”)


Week 8: Let's Try It