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Week 8: Day 1

This week...

Children will practice the “Do” step.



Use the Word Gardens from previous lessons to review “frustrated,” “disappointed,” and “thrilled.” Have children “pick” the flowers, say the words, and do the poses.



Gather children in a circle. Hold the ball and tell a story about when you felt frustrated or disappointed, then thrilled because you found a solution. Pass the ball to a child and have that child share an example of when he or she felt frustrated. Take turns passing the ball and talking about different experiences. Repeat with “disappointed” and “thrilled.”



Children will review feeling words as they chant and move. As you say each line, prompt the children to repeat it after you. Hold up the large pose pictures as they chant the feeling words.

When I have a problem,
I have feelings, too.
Frustrated. Disappointed.
But I’m thrilled I can solve it,
When I Breathe, Think, Do!

Week 8: Let's Try It