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Week 6: Day 3

Children will practice the strategy, "What's the problem? What's the plan?"


Play this “Fisherman, Fisherman” call-and-response game.

Set up the story:

  • “You are all going to be fish, and I am going to be a fisherman.”
  • Explain that you have a problem and need their help.
  • Review the “Breathe” strategy and practice taking three slow, deep breaths.
  • Have the children say “Fisherman, fisherman, what’s the problem?”
  • You will answer, “I’m hungry.”
  • Then have children ask “Fisherman, fisherman, what’s the plan?”
  • Start by giving answers that do not include catching fish, such as “go to the grocery store.”
  • Remind the children to keep asking “What’s the problem? What’s the plan?” as you play the game.
  • After a few rounds, you can finally give the answer “catch some fish.”
  • Let children know they’d better run because you’re going to catch them!
  • The child that is caught becomes the fisherman.

Listen to the audio to hear an example of how the game might work.

Week 6: What's the Problem? What's the Plan?