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Week 3: Day 4

Children will identify "mad" feelings with a Sesame Street video.


  1. Gather children to watch the video. Explain they will see Elmo have mad feelings. Ask them to identify the feelings they saw.


  1. Then have the children do the following activity to practice the feeling words. For this lesson, tape the words “frustrated” and “furious” in different areas of the room.
  2. Say, “I’m going to tell you about something that happened to Elmo. If you think he is feeling frustrated, walk to the ‘frustrated’ wall. If you think he is feeling furious, walk to the ‘furious’ wall.”
  3. Demonstrate walking to the different locations. Say, “Different people feel different things at different times. It’s okay if some of you feel frustrated but others feel furious.”
  4. When you share a scenario from the clip, ask children to walk to the word they think Elmo is feeling


Week 3: I Feel Mad