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Sesame Street in Communities

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

MPB signed on the air with its first broadcast more than fifty years ago and quickly became a leader in the use of educational television. MPB has maintained its educational focus and expanded programming that both entertains and enriches the lives of viewers. MPB is proud of the positive impact that public media has on families, educators, and communities
across the state of Mississippi, which is largely made up of rural areas.

MPB believes that education changes lives and public media has been lauded as a huge factor in the educational upbringing of many children, especially those in rural and underserved communities.

Children, no matter where they live, should not be denied the opportunity or the ability to learn. Mississippi Public Broadcasting believed that SSIC would provide educators and parents with key tools to help break down barriers that plague rural communities. MPB considers it a privilege to be a part of the Sesame Street in Communities trainings and its vast network of people dedicated to the mission of education.

MPB thanks our partners, Waterford UPSTART, Mississippi Head Start Association, and the Mississippi
Library Commission.