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Sesame Street in Communities

Room to Grow: Resources for Racial Justice

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Your actions, big and small, are powerful in the life of EVERY child in your community. In this process, you are likely to discover that each of us is on a journey, and there is always room to grow. Think about your own levels of comfort, and where you want to go in the development and support of children and families in your care! 

As you navigate these lessons, you’ll discover ways to inspire little ones’ curiosity and wonder for the world around them by:

  • Recognizing the important role that adults play in addressing race and racism with children;
  • Drawing upon families’ strength; and
  • Exploring ways to model kindness within communities.
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Each session provides a week’s worth of meaningful activities for you and the families in your care.  We recommend allotting 20 minutes per day.

  • Day 1: Classroom Communities – information and resources to use in your work with children in early childhood contexts
  • Day 2: Provider to Parent – resources to share with parents and caregivers
  • Day 3: Fun with Families – activities that children can take home and experience with their family
  • Day 4: Professional Practice – tools to help level up your growing knowledge connected to race and equity
  • Day 5: Questions and Reflections – a place to process and reflect on the week’s lessons, ideas, and resources

We all have similarities and differences that should be honored and celebrated.  As a caring grown-up providing educational groundwork for children of military families, your commitment to talking about race and diversity is a critical step towards building a more just and equitable society.