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Sesame Street in Communities

Preschool Teacher Facing Trauma Through the Eyes of a 4-Year Old’s

December 2, 2019
Deaunn Stovall Memphis partner Spotlight

by Deaunn Stovall

Preschool is a place where teachers facilitate learning through play, where young children are discovering the world around them, making friends without a care in the world. A place where most teachers have a background in early childhood or child development, training in early care best practices and anticipating preparing young children for higher learning.

Preschool teachers often expect children to show up with a clean slate ready to absorb information but unfortunately young children are showing up with many cares in their world that is impacting them socially, emotionally and academically.   When teachers are learning to be educators it is about lesson plans, curriculum and classroom environment. Colleges and universities with early childhood programs rarely have classes on how to work with young children or parents impacted by trauma and yet preschool teachers are faced with this issue everyday.

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