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Sesame Street in Communities

Partner Spotlight: Transylvania Board of Commissioners

May 27, 2019

Called the “Land of Waterfalls,” Transylvania isn’t just aptly named to be a natural home for Count von Count, here children and families have 250 waterfalls to enjoy in this Blue Ridge Mountains county. Charged with running the county government, the Transylvania Board of Commissioners exists to help enhance the lives of their citizens by providing needed services such as public and mental healthcare, schools, libraries, and to support children in need–making them a perfect partner for SSIC.

Based on their report, State of the Young Child in Transylvania County, the Board of Commissioners works as part of a collaborative, GetSet Transylvania, and meets monthly to address early childhood needs countywide. Across 22 different programs and agencies participating in four committees, each have identified SSIC topic areas and resources to be the school year’s focus. The collaborative is developing a library of materials with a variety of SSIC resources across eight topic areas that will be distributed in 2019 and 2020. As the lead partners of GetSet Transylvania, the Board of Commissioners actively engages with members utilizing SSIC resources to monitor how materials are received and used.

The high level of engagement from members of GetSet Transylvania provides frequent and positive feedback both on SSIC training programs and SSIC resource materials. GetSet Transylvania, named Best in Category for Children and Youth by the National Association of Counties 2019, continues to seek new ways through SSIC to connect with families who would not otherwise engage with local resources, programs or agencies.