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Sesame Street in Communities

Partner Spotlight: KCPT

June 24, 2019

At Kansas City Public Television (KCPT), “public” isn’t just their middle name, it’s who they serve and what they do. Since 1961, KCPT has been educating and enriching the Greater Kansas City area with quality programming and services that entertain, challenge minds, and contribute to a life of learning. And since they’ve been broadcasting Sesame Street for nearly half a century, KCPT proved to be a perfect partner to introduce SSIC to the community.

In KCPT’s first two years of partnership with SSIC, it has leveraged the unique power of the lovable Sesame Street Muppets to bring together the community in fresh and exciting ways. In 2018, KCPT introduced a SSIC block party that included furry friends like Cookie Monster and saw a turnout of over 800 families from the Kansas City community who instantly connected with SSIC resources.

Additionally, KCPT has hosted over 200 early childcare providers and directors with workshops and trainings to better help them integrate the tested and trusted SSIC resources. These workshops keep the needs of children and caregivers top of mind and are designed to be productive and easily accessible. Attendees receive valuable clock hours and the trainings are always free, on weekends, and are correlated to the Core Competency standards.

KCPT is synonymous with Kansas City, and SSIC sure is happy to be in their nest!