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Sesame Street in Communities

Partner Spotlight: Guilford County Collaborative

June 8, 2019

Guilford County is one of those places that’s big enough to have everything you need but small enough for you to regularly bump into people you know. The balance of this small-town charm coupled with strong community services made Guilford County a location to pilot SSIC.

After more than two years with a home in Guilford, SSIC is fortunate to have a collaborative of partners who work hand-in-hand as a positive model for how SSIC can build and strengthen relationships to better the lives of children and families within a community. Partners at Guilford Child Development; Guilford County Partnership for Children; Healthy Relationships Initiative; Ready for School, Ready for Life; and United Way of Greater High Point are seeing applications community-wide for virtually all of the available SSIC resources, which indicates the value of this collaborative–each partner connecting with unique networks of other community organizations.

As an example, the collaborative offers workshops for parents on how to help support their children through the divorce process. The SSIC “Dealing with Divorce” resources are incorporated into trainings to provide parents with concrete tools while addressing this difficult experience. While working countywide, the collaborative is finding that adults are often just as excited about the Sesame Street Muppets as the children are–sometimes even more so. The practitioners find the tools helpful in guiding parents through talking about difficult topics with their children, and they appreciate the valuable insight given for thinking about how to talk about certain topics.