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Sesame Street in Communities

Partner Spotlight: Center for Family Services

June 24, 2019

After nearly 100 years, Center For Family Services’ commitment to healing, protecting, educating, and lifting up families in New Jersey’s southern region remains unwavering. With a network of over 1000 staff in more than 70 offices and program sites serving families and children, Center for Family Services pairs with SSIC perfectly!

Center For Family Services encourages Camden residents and their families to take advantage of all the free programming, trainings, books and other key resources offered by SSIC including Comfy Cozy spaces – a safe space for children to read, learn and cope with traumatic experiences. The Comfy Cozy Spaces provides families and staff with a safe space and playful place to integrate SSIC materials into family-focused programming. The English and Spanish-language SSIC resources allow staff to implement a strengths-based approach to supporting parents and caregivers as they address complex issues with children. The ability to access SSIC resources in both languages is valuable for the staff as they share resources with the community by customizing outreach and building culturally competent relationships with families.

With Center For Family Services, southern New Jersey is now home to SSIC. And by working together, families are being connected with resources and activities designed to help children recover from trauma, promote self-care and resilience, and celebrate play-based learning. Center For Family Services’ staff are now fully trained to be both intentional and creative in the ways that they integrate the resources into their practice and approach to encouraging families.