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Sesame Street in Communities

Partner Spotlight: AZ Recovers

October 6, 2020

Arizona Recovers strives to provide quality education and resources to those struggling with addiction, mental health, and trauma.  There should be no shame in addiction.  No one chooses to have a substance use disorder.  Arizona Recovers strives to provide quality education and resources to those facing addiction in their lives.

Arizona Recovers focuses on Three Pillars:  Changing the Conversation, Empowering Individuals, and Connecting the Community.

“Arizona Recovers is incredibly excited to partner with Sesame Street Communities to bring resources to our parents that struggle with substance use disorder so that we can empower them to become the best parents they can be! Children have been the forgotten voice and with this partnership we are able to elevate their needs and support them with tools to become resilient adults!”  – Angie (Geren) Burleson, Founder/Executive Director

Arizona Recovers is embedding and integrating SSIC into the Arizona community to further support the well-being of young children and their families, particularly those who have had traumatic experiences such as parental addition by:

Awareness: Participating in the development of key messages for social media and marketing key awareness activities related to a virtual launch event.

Professional Development: Training staff, caregivers and providers on SSIC.

Research & Development: Participate in research to inform a best practice toolkit on integration of SSIC resources.

Programming: Integrate SSIC into family recovery programs, their emergency room pilot, and small group therapy.