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Sesame Street in Communities

Kansas City Public Television (KCPT)

June 24, 2019

KCPT is Kansas City’s PBS station featuring PBS KIDS, local events, news and shows in the metro area. KCPT offers educational services that reach thousands across the KC metro.  They work alongside community partners- local schools, libraries, nonprofits and businesses to create and curate educational opportunities for children, adults and educators.

KCPT is reaching early childhood providers and conducting SSIC professional development workshops to early educators and providers across state lines to both Missouri and Kansas community members by:

  • Training providers and parents/caregivers on SSIC tools and resources in both the Missouri and Kansas City Metropolitan area with focus on high need communities.
  • Disseminating the SSIC tools and resources to providers and parents/caregivers.
  • Using the current SSIC interstitial to raise awareness of SSIC and the resources available for free to parents/caregivers and providers in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.