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Sesame Street in Communities

Guilford County Collaborative

May 28, 2019

Together, Guilford Child Development, Partnership for Children of Guilford County, Healthy Relationships Initiative, and Ready for School, Ready for Life form a strong collaborative to support the most vulnerable children and families in Guilford County.

Partners in Guilford will engage, embed, and integrate SSIC tools and resources into a collaborative systems approach to promote quality early childhood learning and development in Guilford County by:

  • Training Guilford County professionals who work with young children and families on the SSIC tools and resources.
  • Disseminating the SSIC tools and resources to parents, caregivers, and other community members.
  • Leveraging the visibility and brand recognition of SSIC and its tools and resources to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood education and development in Guilford County.
  • By being the first to launch SSIC material on family homelessness and having a county wide launches for over 400 community members.