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Sesame Street in Communities

Get Set Transylvania

May 28, 2019

Get Set Transylvania is a collaborative made up of several local government and non-profit partners who provide a wide range of services. Together, they comprise a safety net of critical resources ensuring that all young children receive the help they need and are supported.

Get Set Transylvania will embed and integrate Sesame Street in Communities into the Get Set Transylvania collaborative in Transylvania County to improve the lives of children 0-5 by:

  • Training teachers in the Get Set Transylvania collaborative and parents in Transylvania County on resources around school readiness, resilience, trauma, and Comfy Cozy Spaces
  • Creating eight topic specific toolkits that will include a combination of SSIC resources and Get Set Transylvania resources, launch Comfy Cozy Spaces in locations around the community.
  • Integrating SSIC resources into 24 teacher learning kits used by Smart Start educators as well as in 45 Library Batty bags in the library that families can check out.
  • Showcasing SSIC at the local public library, integrating SSIC into the Get Set Transylvania website, leveraging the partnership at key community events, such as Halloween-Fest and Kindergarten Readiness Rally.
  • Determining measures of success of SSIC integration into programming.