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Sesame Street in Communities

ACE Awareness Foundation and the Universal Parenting Places

May 3, 2019

The ACE Awareness Foundation, founded in 2015, is helping to create a Greater Memphis Community- and catalyze a statewide movement – that understands the deep and long-lasting impact that childhood trauma can have across the life span of a child and support innovative strategies that prevent toxic stress or lessen its effects on children and their families.

ACEAF will utilize its partnership with Sesame Street in Communities to increase awareness of the resources offered by the Universal Parenting Places to further engage families and community partners by creating nurturing environments, offering activities that strengthen family connections, and enhance child development by:

  • Empowering ACEAF and UPP staff to utilize SSIC tools and resources as needed and share with the families they serve, partners, and the wider Memphis community.
  • Working with SSIC to develop a means of collecting impact from the UPPs who will integrate SSIC tools and resources into their monthly programs and interventions.
  • Leveraging the SSIC brand to help elevate the anniversary of the UPPs.
  • Working closely with SSIC to determine the best means of collecting impact data around the use of SSIC tools and resources within the UPPs.