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Sesame Street in Communities

Memphis 2019 Year in Review

January 15, 2020

The Sesame Street Muppets brought their unique style of blues to Beale Street as SSIC shares its tested and trusted resources with Memphis, TN.

Memphis is a city that is fully committed to building a trauma informed and resilient community. Unfortunately, research reports that 24.6% of children 0-17 years old have experienced two or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).[1] In December 2018, SSIC partnered with ACE Awareness Foundation, Universal Parenting Places, and Porter-Leath to embed and integrate SSIC into their work; supporting efforts to build resilience among the most vulnerable.

Since then, has seen a 140% increase in users searching for resources on topics like math, traumatic experiences, autism, and language skills. Over 5,000 of the county’s young children and families have been reached through partner programming and 1,000 early childhood educators and service providers have been trained on SSIC topics including trauma informed practices, exploring emotions, and resilience. Additionally, SSIC generated over 10 million impressions across targeted social media and billboard campaigns. It may be hard to tell by looking, but these kinds of numbers really make Elmo blush.

In the coming year, SSIC will work closely with its Memphis partners to determine the best means of collecting impact data around the use of SSIC tools and resources. This research will be invaluable as SSIC continues to tailor its content to meet the changing needs of kids and families. SSIC is truly looking forward to another year of rocking-n-rolling in Memphis!