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Sesame Street in Communities

Kansas City, MO 2019 Year in Review

March 2, 2020

Kansas City, MO’s (KCMO) collaborative and philanthropic social services networks, and its dedication to building a trauma-informed and resilient community, made it a natural place to pilot SSIC in 2017.

KCMO is home to nearly 34,500 children under the age of 5[1], where 27.9% of boys and 23.8% of girls under 5-years-old live below the federal poverty line[2]. To reach these vulnerable kids, SSIC has partnered with Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City Crittenton Children’s Center, The Children’s Place, Kansas City PBS (KCPT), and The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, among others who best understand the needs of those in their community.

In Missouri, 27.2% of children 0-17 years-old have experienced two or more ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experience)[3].  Since 2017, programs run by SSIC partners have reached 7,050 of KCMO’s young children. Additionally, more than 508 early childhood educators and community service providers have been trained on topics including traumatic experiences, healthy bodies, healthy minds, and coping with incarceration—and these providers have the potential to reach 12,700 young children and families.
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KCMO is making SSIC feel right at home with over 18,000 residents visiting to get free resources. KCMO has seen many Sesame Street friends around town since the pilot including televised SSIC messages with the KC Chamber and at Rock It! (a Crittenton community event featuring Elmo, Rosita and Nina) with over 1,000 families in attendance. Big Bird even stopped by a KC Royals game to make the official “Play Ball,” announcement at Kauffman Stadium, which is exactly what he did… play ball that is.