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Sesame Street in Communities

Guilford County Collaborative 2019 Year in Review

January 15, 2020

With approximately 5.9% of Guilford County’s population being children under the age of 5[1], there are 31,486 reasons to make sure families have access to the best support available to ensure their kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

Guilford County fully embraces the power of collaboratives, which is among the many reasons why it was selected as one of three communities to pilot SSIC. Since the launch in October 2017, SSIC and the Guilford Collaborative have reached well over 70% of the county’s young children and families.

The Guilford Collaborative (Guilford Child Development; Ready for School, Ready for Life; Partnership for Children of Guilford County; United Way of Greater High Point; and Healthy Relationships Initiative) works together to embed and integrate SSIC into its work. To date, more than 350 providers have been trained with SSIC materials, reaching over 3,000 children. 13,645 Guilford County residents have visited to get free resources relating to math, traumatic experiences, resiliency, and literacy. Additionally, more than 2,225 free SSIC toolkits, designed to supplement the trainings and programming, have been distributed.

There are even sunnier days ahead for Guilford County.

The Guilford Collaborative continues to embed SSIC into the community through reaching an additional 100 early childhood educators, social service, and mental health professionals will receive training on resilience and trauma-informed practices, designed to reach approximately 2,000 children. The Guilford Collaborative will also gather data on the usage and effects of SSIC—research that will be vital as we continue to assess and address the many changing needs of kids and families.