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Sesame Street in Communities

Get Set for Success

September 30, 2020

Eileen Mouyard is the Communications & Outreach Coordinator for Smart Start of Transylvania County, a GetSet Transylvania partner. She is a single mother of a two year-old who currently works and parents from home.

I have heard it said that success isn’t something that comes to you, but rather, that you go to it.

Heading out and seeking success in any situation can be daunting enough, let alone during an on-going pandemic. I don’t think I am the only one who believed that when the last school year came screeching to a halt and closed up shop we’d all be rightly “back to normal” by the start of the coming year. To say there are uncertainties now and in the coming future is an understatement. Covid-19 continues teaching us all a lesson in the reliability of the unknown to occur. Even amidst the vast and hazy landscape, we can still find our footing as we move towards a new angle of success as our children return to school or something like it. Luckily, incredible resources such as The Child Mind Institute and Sesame Street in Communities exist. However you and your family are choosing to go back to school this year remember to go with your gut. You know better than anyone what is best for your family. There is success out there and we all have every right to move toward it. So, take breaks to realign your perspective, ask for help when you need it, put patience and grace into practice, and set small achievable goals. Then, perhaps most importantly, remember you can do it!

Resources for Back to School: