Launch We Got This! Storybook

Cuddle up together. Your child can tap the screen to turn the “pages.” Try these ideas:

  • When Baby Bird is worried it’s his fault they don’t have a nest, ask, “If you were the Mama Bird, what would you tell Baby Bird?” Remind your child that it’s never his or her fault—this is a grown-up problem.
  • When Baby Bird remembers his morning stretch, ask what you both might do to take care of yourselves. Maybe it’s stretching, breathing deep, or eating together.
  • When Lily tells the story of her mom giving her the ribbons, think together of other things that will help comfort your child, and, if possible, give him or her that thing (a family picture for her pocket, a string bracelet, a piece of your or another loved one’s clothing, or even a small picture you draw for him).
  • Ask, “How are you and I like Mama Bird and Baby Bird?” (We’re brave, we have each other, we keep trying to make things better, we ask for help, and so on.)