Ask yourself: What items seem important to the children you work with? How have they shown you their value? As you watch this segment, consider how you might convey to foster parents the meaning and importance of comfort items (blankies, stuffed animals, pieces of loved one’s clothing, and so on).

Think about how you might ensure children’s comfort items move safely from placement to placement, and how to pass along information about them when children are too young to do so themselves. (for instance, “he calls this blankie ‘night-night’” or “she’ll cry in her car seat unless she holds this bear.”)

Then, recall what Adriana said about photos, and how she and her son looked through his photo album. Consider the benefits of parents compiling an album with children’s narratives:

  • Looking at photos can help adults and children ease into difficult conversations.
  • Photos are concrete, as opposed to the abstract ways children may have had things explained to them.
  • A photo album can tell a child’s story in a more coherent way, giving some narrative to an otherwise disorganized or chaotic story.