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Follow Abby on her path through the garden as she discovers lots of healthy things to do, including playing outside, laughing with a friend, and getting lots of sleep. This activity page helps you talk about all the healthy and fun things children can do, and it gives kids a chance to practice their coloring skills—and maybe even count the steppingstones and name other things in the drawing.  

Explain to children what the page is about—it’s Abby’s path through the garden, each stone says something healthy to do. Invite children to color the stones as you read the words and talk about each activity.  

As you move from stone to stone, ask children questions about each one (some questions are provided). For instance, when you get to the second stone, you might ask them what their favorite bedtime routines are.  

Health care providers: Copy this page and leave stacks of them in your waiting room, along with crayons or colored pencils (depending on COVID safety protocol). When parents bring children in for their exam, you can use the page to talk about the healthy things kids and families can do.