Together with children, watch the video and talk about how much Snazzle loved his dental visit. Schedule a first dental visit within six months after kids’ first tooth, or by their first birthday, then visit the dentist twice a year. Before the first visit, explain to kids that dentists check teeth to make sure they are healthy. Mention what kids might experience:

  • Sitting in a big chair that goes up and down, tilting back, bright light
  • Having their teeth counted, just like Snazzle
  • Having pictures (x-rays) taken of their teeth
  • Having gooey fluoride put on their teeth (like vitamins for your teeth)
  • Getting their teeth “tickled” by a special kind of toothbrush
  • Getting a present when finished, such as a toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste! What flavor was Snazzle’s favorite? (boysenberry)