Download printable

  1.  Print out the page and read the story together, running your fingers along the lines as you read them. When you get to a picture, point to it and pause, giving children a few moments to chime in. You might underline the word that spells out the image.
  1. When you’re finished, say something like, “You did a great job reading that story,” or “Thank you for helping me read that story.”
  1. Next time you read a book together, help kids use pictures to understand what’s happening, like they just did. Younger kids can use this strategy to “read” a whole story (narrating the story based on the pictures alone). Older readers can use pictures as clues to help them read a word they don’t know (for instance, if they’re struggling with the end of a word beginning with “el,” and there’s a picture of an elephant on the page, they get a hint that the word is “elephant”)!