Watch the video together and let children know it’s good to ask questions about the scary or confusing things happening around them, and that you will answer as best you can. As a parent, consider more ways you can soothe children: 

  • Give your child a comfort item like a stuffed animal or blanket. 
  • Hold hands and snuggle often. 
  • Choose at least one routine you can all count on to continue, no matter what, such as the same lullaby every night, or observing the shape of the moon or counting stars before bed. 
  • Together, look for the helpers: focus on all the people who are working to make things safer and better. 
  • Belly-breathe! Put your hands on your bellies and take three deep breaths in and out, feeling your bellies rise and fall. Put a stuffed animal on your child’s belly and have him “rock it to sleep” as he breathes.