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Just like Rosita, kids can find lots of ways to be healthy—from head to toe! This activity can help you discuss with children the many ways to stay healthy.  

You might:  

  • Invite children to color in Rosita and practice naming parts of the body.  
  • Read aloud the words connected with each body part.  
  • Encourage children (depending on age) to think of their own healthy ideas of things they can do with their feet, hands, their five senses, and so on. (For instance, you might point to Rosita’s feet and say: “Healthy feet might dance and kick a ball. What other things can you do with your feet?” Or, “Rosita loves to eat healthy things. What healthy snack makes your belly feel good?”) 
  • Invite children to add to the page (or the back of the page) by drawing themselves, their favorite foods, activities, people, and whatever else they like. 
  • Display children’s work in their room or somewhere the whole family can see.  

Health care providers: Copy this page and leave stacks of them in your waiting area, along with crayons or colored pencils. When families come in for their exam, you can use the page to talk about the healthy things they can do.