The beginning of a new school year is always full of new experiences. In this video, Rosita is back to school in person after a year of mostly being at home, and she finds it a little overwhelming.

Before watching: Remind your child that everyone has been through the experience of being at home much more than usual this past year, and that everyone will be adjusting to this new normal. But soon it will feel comfortable again—in fact, it can feel terrific!—to have fun together.

While you watch: Point out that Rosita’s mom, and all adults, are adjusting too. Offer reassurance that it’s normal to feel anxious right now. But parents and teachers will be there to help ease everyone back into the routine and to keep everyone safe.

After watching: Ask your child what specific things are making him or her nervous. Are they the same things Rosita felt? Remind your child that you are always there to listen, and that you know how to help the whole family stay healthy.