Launch Mommy, Mami, Mama, Mom

Moms are amazing. They take care of a huge range of children’s needs—from physical needs, such as food, clothing, and health to emotional needs like attention, comfort, praise, and reassurance. And on top of that, moms make things fun.

Read the story together with children. Then use the opportunity to talk about the things you do for and with your kids. Children may not think about all that you do. By showing kids how you fill their lives, you’re teaching them to appreciate others and practice gratitude. And hearing a little “I love you, Mommy” goes a long way.

You might ask:

  • How do I help you in the morning?
  • What special foods do I make for your lunch or dinner?
  • What do we do together in the evenings?
  • How do I help you get ready for bed?
  • What things do we do together that make you feel cozy?
  • How can we show we love each other?