When children miss friends or family, there are ways to help them stay connected. Explore these activities.

  1. 1

    Elmo’s Video Chat

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfvYQAIzp1U

    1. Before watching the video, ask children which friends or family members they miss seeing the most. What do they miss doing with those people? You might talk about some of your own loved ones that you miss most, and the things you wish you could do with them.
    1. As you watch, point out that that Elmo really misses his friends, too. Together with children, watch this video to see how Elmo’s mom helps him set up a video call with his friends.
    1. After watching, talk with children about other ways you can maintain friendships from afar.
  2. 2

    A Little Help From My Furry Friends


    Children can take comfort from their friends on Sesame Street, too! In this interactive game, Muppets suggest and demonstrate important strategies to use in difficult moments. Invite children to choose a Muppet to help them and watch what he or she does in the video. After watching the video—or anytime at all—help children use that strategy in their own lives. You might use this as another opportunity to connect with your child’s loved ones. Invite friends and family to send a video of them telling a funny joke or doing a silly dance. Watch the videos when one of you needs a little pick-me-up.