Young children are still learning to express their emotions in productive ways. Big feelings can be overwhelming and may cause a little one to act out or behave aggressively.

Here are some ways you can help kids cope with big feelings and ease their aggression:

  • Remind kids that they can choose how they behave. Ask, “When you were feeling that way, what else could you have done?”
  • Share some phrases that kids can quietly say to themselves in heated moments, such as, “Tell, don’t touch,” or “Say it with words.”
  • Help kids calm down when they’re feeling angry or frustrated so that they don’t act aggressively towards themselves or others. Encourage them to find a quiet place and slowly take deep breaths, or whisper calming phrases to themselves, such as “Calm down,” or “Breathe in, breathe out.”
  • Sometimes a hug can be very calming. Let them know that you or another caring adult will always be there for a hug.