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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: Using one food in different ways for different meals is a great way to stretch your grocery dollars.

Making the Most of Your Groceries

Eating Well Age 0 to 6 2-3 Min


Watch the video of Chef Art Smith teaching a family how to make four meals with just one chicken. Try this trick yourself!

Healthy, homemade meals can be fast, easy, and inexpensive. You might also consider these tips for eating well on a budget:
• Create weekly menus.
• Plan ahead to save money and waste less food.
• Cook more than you need and freeze some of the leftovers for another meal.
• Prepare food in advance. Also, after shopping, wash, cut, and store veggies in reusable containers. When you’re ready, add them to salads or stews. They’ll also make delicious, ready-to-eat anytime snacks!