Big changes can mean learning new routines, languages, rules, and more. Learning may feel overwhelming but can build children’s confidence and help families forge unique bonds to conquer future challenges. This workshop highlights how the ability to learn new things can help build resilience in both young children and adults.
Curriculum goals: Increased playful learning; Caregivers promote guided play; Imagination & exploration; Resilience

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    Learning New Things Russian Videos


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    Reading Adventures

    Launch Reading Adventures

    Curling up together with a good story is a great way to bond with children and learn more about what they’re interested in. Together, dive into these five stories to discover new words and explore different places 

    • Tell children that stories take us on adventures to places we’ve never been! When choosing a book, you might say, “What kind of adventure should we go on today?” 
    • Afterward, ask children to tell you their favorite part of the story.  
    • Let children know how much you’ve enjoyed reading with them, and ask what they’d like to hear more stories about.