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Sesame Street in Communities

The Big Idea: Every experience can trigger an exploration of words, concepts, and ways to express oneself.

Language in Everyday Moments

Building Language Skills Age 0 to 6 2-3 Min

Consider these ideas to develop language during everyday moments:

When you’re helping children get dressed…

Talk about what you’re doing: “Let’s choose a sweater to keep you warm.” Then build on what they say: “That fuchsia sweater you chose is thick and soft, just right for keeping you warm and cozy on this cold day.” By starting with a familiar word, sweater, and describing your thinking, actions, and decisions, you’re introducing children to new words.

When you’re listening to music…

Talk together about the music: “Is this song fast or slow?” and “What a great rhythm. Let’s clap and tap along.”

At bath time, while you’re scrubbing from head to toe…

Invite children to chime in with the names of other parts of their body as they soap up: elbows, belly button, knuckles, and ankles.