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We all want children to be able to handle challenges big and small! This book can support you in building children’s resilience when faced with the unique issues presented by a parent’s addiction.

Resilience is the ability to cope with and overcome challenges big and small—it’s about “bouncing back.” A huge factor in children’s resilience is the consistent presence of a caring adult. Resilience requires:

  • Emotional Understanding: Identifying and labeling feelings
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Having a variety of healthy coping strategies
  • An “I can do it!” Attitude: Having confidence and healthy self-esteem

As a caring adult in a child’s life, you can share these pages with children and:

  • help them feel less shame and isolation
  • engage them in conversation
  • explain addiction
  • offer coping strategies, support, hope, and optimism

Sit quietly with children and use pencils or crayons to complete these pages and talk about what they’ve done on each page. You can decide how much support and guidance to offer.