Children experiencing homelessness often lack clean, safe play spaces—preventing them from growing and thriving. Depending on where they are staying, children may be shushed for normal child-like behavior that others consider disruptive. So the more you can enrich your site to encourage play, the better.

Watch this video one time through as providers from Horizons for Homeless Children explain the strategies used in each play space. Notice:

  • ways in which each of the spaces helps kids develop and heal
  • what approaches providers take within that space
  • how each space builds children’s social-emotional skills
  • ways in which each space addresses children’s learning needs

On a second viewing, write down or tell a colleague one observation, idea, or question sparked by each area presented:

  • Infant Spaces
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Manipulatives
  • Literacy Area
  • Dramatic Play

Then consider your space and one small way you might enrich your site to invite children to engage in play—even a basket of children’s books, a beanbag, or a box of blocks or dolls go a long way.