Think back to your childhood, and your own grandparents. Chances are, their experience was different from yours. Many grandparents today are still working and juggling their own busy lives while being present for their kids and their grandkids. No quiet days rocking on a porch, knitting or playing dominoes—grandparents today are active, engaged, and helping out in ways your grandparents may not have.  

It’s an exciting time to be a grandparent, but it may come with some new challenges. Many grandparents are helping raise their grandkids, and discovering that a lot has changed from when they raised their own children.  

Fortunately, there are resources to help: 

Learning Together  

Grandparents often want to be involved in their grandchild’s learning, but school has changed so much!  

  • Head to the ‘Explore Topics’ page for all kinds of activities, games, books, media, and resources to support your grandchild’s learning and growth. You’ll also find more articles like this one for the important grown-ups in children’s lives, including you! 

 Raising Grandchildren 

If you are your grandchild’s primary caregiver, or are doing a large part, you know it is challenging work. These organizations provide a community for grandparents raising grandchildren.  

  • Zero to Three offers programs, resources, and services for young children and their families. Check out their bilingual (English/Spanish) grandparenting videos, resources, and a guide for grandparents and parents on “sharing the care.” 
  • Grand Family Coalition, Inc. is a network of grandparents and other kin raising kin, with an online library of national resources.   
  • AARP, an organization dedicated to empowering older Americans, has created a Grandfamilies Guide 


Want to learn more about national policies and programs that support grandfamilies?