Often, one of the most stabilizing forces in children’s lives is the connection with supportive, caring, and trusted adults. Relationships can hold healing power.

Watch this video together with families and meet Lily, a sweet and hopeful seven-year-old Muppet whose family is experiencing a tough transition. (Lily’s a great name for her, because lilies symbolize hope.)

Sofia, a caring adult on Sesame Street with whom Lily’s family is staying, teaches Lily a strategy for remembering how she’s surrounded by caring people: Sofia draws a dot for each one, connecting the dots to make a heart. Then, Sofia draws Lily in the middle.

Help children do the same:

  1. Use crayons or markers to help children draw their own dot-to-dot heart on paper (or white board or chart paper), talking about whom each dot represents (try for as many dots as possible, considering social workers and other provider roles).
  2. Then help them write names or draw pictures near each dot.
  3. Finally, help them draw themselves in the middle.

Sadly, there are children who will not have as many dots as Lily. You might help those children draw themselves with one caring person and then draw a heart around the picture, then consider how you might find supportive adults to fill those important roles.