Home is much more than a place—it’s a feeling of love, security, and feeling connected. This feeling can move with you wherever you go together. Even things that seem simple, such as having the same pillowcase to sleep on each night, or hanging the same air freshener in the room, can make a big difference.

Children can count on and look forward to daily routines, which you can follow throughout the day.

In the morning:

  • Do the same exercises together just after your child wakes up. Stretch tall, touch your toes, then take three deep breaths.
  • You can also add a daily “mantra” such as “I am loved,” “I am strong,” “I believe in myself,” or “This will change” to set the tone for the day.

At bedtime:

  • Try cuddling and singing the same lullaby together each night.
  • Belly-breathe. Put your hands on your bellies and take three deep breaths in and out, feeling your bellies rise and fall.
  • Hold your child’s hands as she falls asleep.
  • Observe the shape of the moon or count the stars before bed.