Big transitions, such as being in a new place because of crisis or conflict at home, can be very challenging for the whole family. This module offers strategies for understanding, explaining, and coping with big changes.
Curriculum goals: Improved social-emotional skills; Identification and regulation of emotions; Increased empathy; Resilience

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    Coping with Big Changes Russian Videos


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    Slow It Down

    Launch Slow It Down

    When children experience big feelings such as separation anxiety, grown-ups can help children feel safe and offer ways to help them calm down. Becoming absorbed in a calming activity such as looking at mesmerizing images or creating a new kind of art can soothe children. Slow It Down guides children in breathing exercises and relaxing activities. Children can choose from six activities: drawing in sand, stamping in glitter, “playing” in slime, experimenting with calming musical tones, and watching mesmerizing slow-motion video. Play together or let children have some time to themselves.