Launch Comfy-Cozy Nest

When Big Bird has big feelings, he creates a safe place in his imagination, a big nest filled with all his favorite things, like birdseed cookies and a picture of Granny Bird.

With this interactive activity, kids can explore the concept of a safe place by helping Big Bird decorate his safe place.

You might use this tool when kids need calming down, or any time at all. First, use the video to introduce the idea of a safe place—a place you can go in your imagination to feel safe and calm (all kids and adults can benefit from this strategy)!

After you watch the video, explain that Big Birds needs to practice the strategy Alan taught him, and he’ll need kids’ help. Kids can:

  • take deep belly breaths to get ready
  • decide which music to listen to
  • decorate the nest
  • choose calming, focusing activities

Help kids play the game. Afterward, ask, “What were some things you helped Big Bird do?” Do they remember any parts of Big Bird’s strategy? The more they play, and the more they watch the video and read the storybook, the more likely they are to remember the strategy later, when they might need it.