The death of a loved one (and other types of loss) can bring big changes, big adjustments, and big feelings. Support from caring people around you can help lighten the load when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. In this video, Karli is making an art project that celebrates everyone who was there for her and her mom when things were tough. 

  • Before watching: Explain that Karli and her mom had some big challenges, but caring friends helped them get through it all. Reassure your child, “We are going through a difficult time, and it’s okay to have big feelings about what has happened. There are people who care about us, whom we can talk to and turn to for support.” 
  • While you watch: Observe aloud that difficult times don’t last forever, and that feelings will come and go. Point out that Karli and her mom now feel better and stronger, and express hope that you and your child will, too. 
  • After watching: Talk with your child about ways to remember and appreciate the people in your life who are there for you. Together, you can make a chain like Karli’s, with the name of a caring person on each link.