Even Muppets get mad sometimes. Everyone needs strategies for those “big feeling” moments. In this video, Sophia teaches Rosita a safe and healthy way to release her anger.

Watch the video together with kids. Then explain that when we’re really upset, the parts of our brain that can help us don’t work very well. We don’t have the words to let our feelings out. It’s like our brains are stuck on “anger island”!

As you watch the video together with kids, consider what Sophia does to help Rosita. She:

  • Notices her feelings and reassures her they’re okay
  • Reminds her that it’s good to express her feelings
  • Reminds her to never hit others
  • Lets Rosita express the full force of her anger (reassuring Rosita that, as the adult, she can handle it)
  • Suggests other ways to express other big feelings
  • Provides a comforting lap when Rosita is done

The next time kids seem to need this strategy, you might remind them of how Rosita expressed her anger…and grab a pillow or cushion.

Then, as a next step, you can begin helping kids use their words. Watch Grover talk through his feelings as he “moves it out.” Then share this three-step strategy for coping with anger and frustration.